Remote Communion Guidelines

Starting in August, we will be joining to celebrate remote communion the last Sunday of the month. The power of the Holy Spirit will connect us as the body of Christ as we celebrate communion together at home or in the church parking lot. There are four things you need to prepare to celebrate remote communion at home.

Prepare the Elements:

  • Use what Jesus used:
    • Gather bread or crackers for the body & fruit of the vine (grape juice or wine) or water for the cup.  
    • Do not substitute cookies and milk, coffee and pastry, beer and pretzels, etc for the elements.  
  • Try to only prepare what can be consumed or shared that day or as part of the worship service

Prepare Your Home:

  • Make the space holy (meaning set apart) by distinguishing your worship time from your other screen or listening time
  • Give yourself physical and emotional cues. Light a candle, sit in a different spot, tidy the space, etc.     

Prepare Yourself:

  • Check yourself. How are you feeling today? What is motivating you to receive communion? Have you confessed your sins to Jesus? Do you know Jesus loves and forgives you? 
  • Communion isn’t magic, but you may feel the Holy Spirit stir within you. If you feel a wave of emotions then receive and welcome the Holy Spirit.If you don’t feel anything different, that’s ok too. Jesus is still present.

Prepare to Connect with Others:

  • Remember that we are all connected together by the Holy Spirit, even with those we love and have lost and are now feasting at the heavenly banquet. Communion is a community meal. It can be celebrated alone, when done at the same time as others who are gathered in different places. Therefore, do your best to participate at 9am or 11am when most people are sharing in communion together via live streaming/radio broadcast. 
  • Recall in your memory those you wish you were able to worship with and feel the Spirit joining our hearts together. 
  • Invite your household to participate together, even if they don’t typically come to church
  • Remember that in some holy and mysterious way through communion Jesus is fully present with us and within us. Invite Jesus to make himself known to you in the moment. 
  • Read the scriptures that describe how Jesus instituted this sacred practice:
    • 1 Corinthians 11:23-25
    • Luke 22:14-20
    • Mark 14:17-25
    • Matthew 26:20-29

At Church in Car Option:

  • Park at church by 9:30am on Communion Sunday
  • Listen to worship on WRHL 93.5FM
  • Stay in your car
  • Communion servers will come to your car wearing mask & gloves to distribute prepackaged communion
  • Wait to depart until all are served

Feel free to reach out to Pastor Rob, directly with any questions.