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Our Beliefs

We're a Big Tent Church. 

At least we try to be.

We think there is room for a wide range of ages, cultures, experiences and Christian spiritual practices and beliefs at Rochelle United Methodist Church. It isn't always easy being a community that can be diverse in some regards but very similar in others. By holding fast to Jesus' command to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves we manage the tension and seek to give witness to the awesomeness of our big God.

Which means that United Methodists have a few quirks:

  • We believe that church should be a safe place to ask questions, express doubts, and wrestle with the issues of faith.
  • We believe that everyone is invited to the Table of Grace and we practice open communion every month.
  • We believe we are created in the image of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for loving relationships. We are invited into that loving relationship through the self-giving of God in Jesus Christ and we live it out through the Holy Spirit in loving community and in mission to the world.
  • We believe that prayer is what connects us to God and to one another.
  • We believe that scripture is "God-breathed and is useful," but is also to be viewed through the narrative of God's love, the audience to which it was written, the type of literature it is, and with the witness of the Holy Spirit to guide our understanding.

If you are curious about United Methodist beliefs visit the UMC What We Believe page or contact our Pastor to learn more.