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The Days Between Easter & Pentecost Bible Study

Days Between Study 16 9(1)

Each of the Gospel writers and the writer of the Book of Acts reports different insights and experiences as the Disciples tried to understand what had happened and what they were now supposed to do.  In this study, we will look at how these different experiences helped the Disciples carry on the message and work of Jesus and how these same experiences can shape and guide our call to be involved in Christ’s ongoing mission today.

Wednesday Mornings at 9:30 in Hicks Hall

Social distancing and masks required. Please see our COVID Steps for more information.

No book is needed, but you are encouraged to bring your Bible.

  • April 7 Mark Chapter 16
  • April 14 Matthew Chapter 28
  • April 21 Luke Chapter 24: 1-35
  • April 28 Luke 24: 36-53
  • May 5 John Chapter 20
  • May 12 John Chapter 21
  • May 19 Acts 1
Farewell Discourse 16 9
In John's gospel, when Jesus set his eyes upon departure he shared an entire farewell discourse with the disciples in chapters 14-17.  Pastor Rob's my last Bible Study at RUMC will be directed by its participants. He wants to give those who participate in-person or on zoom one last chance to ask questions, dialogue and discuss matters and ideas on your mind. The study will also focus on some of Pastor Rob’s favorite Bible verses and his hopes for the future of the Christian Church.

On Zoom
Wednesdays at 6:30pm May 5-26

Join the Zoom Meeting Here
Meeting ID: 934 4746 7365   Passcode: 245112

In Person
Sundays at 11:00am May 9-23

in Hicks Hall
Social distancing and masks required

To make this study more robust and to give him a chance to prepare, we are collecting questions and inquiries in advance to seed the conversation, but ideas are welcome as they arise during the sessions.  If you would submit your questions, quandaries or ideas in advance please fill out this form or email directly:

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