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COVID-19 Response at RUMC

It has been a long 11 months apart. Back in May the story of Noah was our source of hope and assurance that this too shall pass for God is with us and that little by little conditions will improve for us to safely enter into a new world that God is setting before us. With the decline in positivity rates locally and the progressive roll out of vaccines in our community, it seems like the rain might finally be letting up and the earth is drying out and we can start gathering in-person for ministry again!

Using the best information available at this moment, we devised a plan that resumes in-person ministry in a slow, metered way similar to the Noah story for those who are ready to venture out of the ark and resume gathering in-person. At our February Church Council meeting, they approved the plan that begins with circles, small groups and Bible studies gathering again and working up to weekly communion services later this winter. For those looking to gather in-person for ministry, please stay tuned to our weekly newsletter & e-news as available in-person ministries will be announced through these communication channels.

We also affirm those who choose to wait to return to in-person gatherings for some time yet. We foresee that for much of this calendar year, a majority of our congregants will choose to disciple at home. Our pre-recorded radio and online services and at-home discipleship materials will continue as they have since last March. The in-person ministries that slowly resume are designed simply as optional additions to our main discipleship at-home practices for those ready to gather in-person again.

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the health team or volunteer trained on protocols, more details are available, or  you could fill out the sign up form.

Check out our facebook page to see how we are being the church even when we can't come to the church building.

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The majority of our communications during this time will happen over email or Facebook. While the church building is closed, you can still communicate with us.
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