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Events at RUMC

Summer Vacation Bible School 2024:

Click this link to Pre Register Online:

Summer Series 2024:

Our summer worship in 2024 will feature Dynamic Duos of the Old Testament! In worship, we will hear from several dynamic duos in a narrative sermon - meaning, these characters will tell their sides of the story! So - who would you like to hear from?

Click Here to Vote for your top five "Duos" from the Old Testament.

If you are an actor, performer, or creative person who is interested in helping with the production of this series please reach out to Pastor Katherine by email at

Upcoming Summer Bible Study:

This summer we will offer Bible study based on another book by Margaret Feinberg (the author of Taste and See).

The study is called, "A Time for Everything: Discovering the Beautiful Rhythms of Life", and it takes us on a journey with the beautiful poem of Ecclesiastes 3, “For Everything there is a season…”

We will resume the Wednesday morning Women’s Breakfast and Study time of 8:30 am at Sunrise Family Restaurant, will continue with the Tuesdays at 3:30 pm time at Hawthorne Inn.  If there is interest in an evening time, we will do that as well.  Summer offers a different rhythm to our lives – and this study will speak words of timeless truth into that reality.  If you wish us to order you a printed book, please sign up in the office. The printed books are $15.  If you wish to get an ebook on  your own, they are currently available through for 1.99 or Amazon has a Kindle version for $4.99.

Patsy Clairmont wrote in the Foreword:

“I love watching Spring win over Winter.  Take the hyacinth: she butts her pretty little head against the half-frozen earth and somehow wins.  Up she comes from the darkness shouting victory in pink, purple and white regalia. And even when she finds herself petal-deep in late snow she shakes it off and lifts her curly bob to the sun.  You can almost hear her sing, “I got rhythm. I got rhythm” because that girl knows how to move to the music of her design.  And Hyacinth is aware as she pushes through the hardship of her circumstances that it’s her season to bloom.  And nothing is going to stop her – not winter’s icy grip and not earth’s dark tomb.

We hear the Creator’s song throughout creation in white-capped waves as they lap the shore, we see it in the drifting art of shifting sands, we listen toit in the soprano performance of a sparrow on a fence post, and in the raucous pattern of luminous raindrops spattering across rooftops.  We also experience it in our lives again and again as Spring skips into Sunner, and Summer cools into Fall, and Fall snowballs into Winter, and Winter melts back into Spring.”

There are seasons in our lives too – we grow and age and one morning find that our lives are in a different season. There are new things to discover.  There are new rhythms to learn.  We don’t move as we once did, but there is a grace in our movements nonetheless. Through the seasons of life, God invites us into deeper relationship. “To everything there is a season,” and God is the center of every season as we enter them.