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Need Financial Assistance? Our H.I.S. Benevolence Program is here to help.

Part of loving our neighbor is helping people who live in the Rochelle Township High School District who are facing hard-times financially to the best of our ability with the resources and relationships we have in our community.

Our H.I.S. (Holy Intervention Service) Benevolence Ministry provides assistance to members of our congregation and our community. It is a small ministry running on the donations of our congregations.

The goal of the H.I.S. Benevolence Ministry is to be a "hand up" not a "hand out." An important part of our ministry is to be present and to listen.

Our volunteers are good listeners that can offer suggestions on moving forward, even if financial assistance is unavailable.

We would love to help everyone, often we do not have means to pay large amounts of rent and utilities.

It is our hope to help those in need that are doing their best to make their situation better.

  • In cases such as this, an "assessment of need" form must be completed. It can be done in the office or over the phone with a volunteer.
  • A committee of volunteers meets to review the requests for financial assistance.
  • Those requesting assistance will be notified within 7 days as to whether the church can offer financial assistance.
HIS benevolence

We try to respond with-in 24 hours

Phone: 815.562.2164
709 4th Ave, Rochelle, IL