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Rochelle UMC Value Statement

At Rochelle United Methodist Church we believe that God loves everyone. Without exception.

We experience this broad and generous love of God most clearly in Jesus Christ revealed foremost through the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament.

At Rochelle UMC, we believe God's Spirit empowers us to follow Jesus by loving every one as he does. We strive to share in God's broad and generous love by first, celebrating that all persons are created in God’s image and are of sacred worth. Second, we strive to live with hearts, minds and doors that are open to everyone, including people of all ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and socio-economic or family status. At the same time, we recognize that we all fall short of this calling and so third, we repent of the attitudes and actions that have led to the pain of exclusion and discrimination within the church, society, and in our own lives as the Holy Spirit eliminates these attitudes and actions in our lives and in our community. Lastly, we recognize because of God's broad and generous love that we are a church of God's children who have widely varied experiences, opinions, and convictions but we believe that we can love alike, even though we may not think alike.