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We are honored to share in these special moments in your lives.


For funerals, we typically partner with our local funeral homes for services.

Please contact Beverage- Lyons, Unger-Horner, or our pastor for more information.

Fees for funerals are available upon request.



For weddings, we recommend beginning the process 6-12 months before your wedding date.

You will need to fill out a wedding request form.

Our Pastor requires 4-6 premarital meetings that utilize the Prepare/Enrich Assessment as part of the wedding planning process.

Fees for weddings range between $125-$710 for those who are currently active in discipling with us and $1110-$1310 for those who are not currently discipling with us depending on the time, space and staff that are utilized in your wedding.

Our pastor is open to celebrating weddings that do not use our facilities. Contact our pastor.

wedding outside